Blogging? Again?

The first thing to admit is that this isn’t my first blog. I’ve had two before, which might make it seem odd that I’m not happy and have once again decided to start from scratch.

There are a couple of reasons for my decision. The first blog was one I started in 2012. It ran on Blogger and was a venue for my creative writing. I’ve been doing this creative writing business for years and years now (like so many hopeful writers), and it seemed sensible to build a sounding board to gauge feedback and drum up support for my efforts.

This was only moderately successful. Blogger is a dismal, hobbling thing that feels as though it’s stuck in the last decade (at least, it did when I checked). WordPress may be rather limiting in its free form, but it’s significantly better at most things and gives a prettier result.

Fast forward to 2015 and I’m ready for round two (I’ve been doing a PhD this whole time, don’t forget). For the second blog I moved to WordPress. The function was ostensibly the same: a showcase for creative writing. I went all out with daily flash fiction posts, original artwork, and the response was… tiring. It’s hard to admit it, but no matter how diligently one tries, if you’re releasing a story in daily 200 word chunks it’s likely to be rambling, hard for anyone to follow, and only take energy away from other writing projects.

I concluded that a site in which I intermingle work and leisure projects (libraries, architecture, digital, creative writing etc.) into something cohesive would be a far better idea – something I could make a sustained case for. Those past blogs were experiments. I tried daily flash fiction (for around six weeks in each case) and now I’m constructing a different experiment. All part of the learning process.


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