profile picI set up this blog in Summer 2016, shortly after completing my PhD at the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff.

Thesis is entitled “Preconception to Participation: Young People’s Experience of Public Library Architecture”, based on interviews with young people in youth groups, students, and library staff – Find it here.

After submitting it I got a job working for the university’s College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences as a research associate, funded by the AHRC. I worked in the Create Economy Team, progenitors of the Creative Cardiff network, to better understand workers in Cardiff who are doing creative jobs outside the core creative industries (“embedded creatives”).

Currently I am working on:

  • Journal article on future developments in library architecture
  • Journal article on the effect digital technologies have had on communications embedded creatives in Cardiff
  • Conference paper on the challenges of designing and operating a library with a broader than usual program
  • A series of fiction books